• Doddington Village
    Sports and Carnival

  • Excellent floats and
    a fantastic carnival.

  • Absolutely brilliant
    sports day

  • A great family day out.

Doddington, Cambridgeshire, UK.

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Doddington Village Sports & Carnival Committee Presents...

Follow Santa through Doddington!

The Elves have kindly lent us Santa's spare
'SANT-NAV 5000' (above), so you can see where he is!

Watch him as he travels around the village,
visiting boys and girls on his sleigh.

When you see him getting closer,
make sure to come out and say hello!

Watch Santa LIVE on FACEBOOK!

Click here to see the live video of the Sleigh!

Santa's planned route

Fri 8 Dec

Starting from Brickmakers Arms Lane at 6.00pm

  • Wimblington Road
  • Beech Avenue
  • Cedar Avenue
  • Holly Drive
  • Cypress Close
  • Wimblington Road
  • Dexter Close
  • Wimblington Road
  • Childs Lane
  • Manor Estate
Sat 9 Dec

Starting from the bottom of Wood Street at 5.00pm

  • Sutton Way
  • Orchard Drive
  • Wood Street
  • Burdett Close
  • The Larches
  • Wood Street
  • The Rowans
  • Wood Street
  • Carpenters Way
  • Drivers Close
  • The Grange
  • Wood Street
  • Kinghts Close
  • Wood Street
  • High Street
  • Turn around at Clock Tower
  • High Street
  • Ingles Lane
  • Harvest Close
  • Ingles Lane/Church Lane
  • Eastalls Close
  • Bevills Close
  • Walden Close
Sun 10 Dec

Starting from Washbrook Motocross at 4.30pm

  • Benwick Road
  • Oak Tree Close
  • Benwick Road
  • New Street
  • Thistledown
  • Church Lane
  • Turf Fen Lane
  • Fen View
  • The Cherries
  • The Oaks
  • Eastmoor Lane
  • Willow Close
  • Peyton Close
  • Church Lane
  • Newgate Street
  • Ronalds Way
  • Newgate Street
  • Cooks Green
  • Miller Close
  • Ancaster Way
  • Hunts Close
  • Newgate Street
  • Cornfields
  • Primrose Hill
  • Cowslip Close
  • Primrose Hill
  • Chestnut Close
  • Turnpike Close
  • Primrose Hill

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What's it all about?

Doddington Sports and Carnival take place every summer on the first Saturday in July, in the village of Doddington in Cambridgeshire.


The road through the village closes at 9:30am, allowing a procession of carnival floats through. Reopens at 12:30pm.

Sports Day

The recreation field plays host to sports day events for children, where medals and trophies are awarded.

Family fun

From bouncy castles to WW2 tanks and food outlets, the family fun lasts the whole day.


The village carnival and sports day are open to all.
Come along and see what a fantastic village Doddington is!


The theme for 2017 is...

An landscape image showing that the theme for 2017 is COMPUTER GAMES - lots of retro images of iconic computer game characters and logos, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and Donkey Kong, all alongside FIFA, the SIMS, Halo and Minecraft.

Click here to download the A4 poster

The Blog

Visit our Blog site NOW!

Just a glimpse of what goes on within the committee, as well as some of the successes.



Come help us!

Over 2,000 people come out to enjoy the Doddington Carnival and Sports Day each year. And it's all run by about 20 people.

Do you fancy helping out?

A few hours, or a few days - we'd love your help.
Come and help us to make everything we do even better for the children. For the parents. For everyone.

Help us organise an event, big or small.

Help us make, decorate or tidy something.

Help us raise money for the carnival.

Here's how:
  • We usually meet on the second Thursday of every month to plan how the next event will work. Just turn up!
  • Our Annual General Meeting is on the 5th October 2017 at 8pm in The Three Tuns, Doddington. Just turn up!
  • Get in touch with any of the Carnival Committee members, or drop us an email on the details below.

However you choose,
we'd love to have you help us,
and you'll love helping!

The Results

Carnival and Sports Day Results

Fancy Dress

The Primrose Cup

Winner: Romy Barker-Neugebauer

Runners up: Clark Adams & Freddie Green

The Edwards Cup

Winner: Charlotte South

Runner up: Pheobe Hart

Adult Fancy Dress

Winner: Tara Fiveash

Runner up: Sue Laver

Carnival Parade

Fred Harrison Junior Float Runner Up

Lionel Walden School

Fred Harrison Junior Float Winner

Lionel Walden School Association

Fred Harrison Senior Float Runner-up

Doddington F.C.

Fred Harrison Senior Float Winner

Ladies That Lunch

Visitor's Cup

Fenland Shotokan Karate

The Shepherd Transport Shield

Paul Hutchcraft

Sports Races

The Archer Shield
(under 4's)

Winner: Daisy Cooper

Runners up: Annabelle Brooks & Esmee Streets

The Chairmans Cup
(under 4's)

Winner: Archie Norris

Runners up: Oscar Middlemass & Benji Hughes

The Kitson Cup
(4-5 years)

Winners: Lola Brooks & Maggie Slade Stollery

Runner up: Jessica Green

The Johnson Cup
(4-5 years)

Winner: Aiden Norris

Runners up: Tyler Parling & Oliver Rigby

The Copalder Cup
(6-7 years)

Winner: Chloe Urbanowicz

Runner up: Isabelle Slade Stollery

The Interfarm Cup
(6-7 years)

Winners: Mason Adams & Jenson Middlemass

Runner ups: Alfie Benstead & Reiley Bell

The Diana Bays Cup
(8-9 years)

Winner: Isabelle Moye

Runner up: Gabriella Betts

The Cutteridge Cup
(8-9 years)

Winners: Charlie Eggleton & Jack Rigby

Runner up: Kieran Rush

The David & Susan Fountain Cup
(10-11 years)

Winners: Isabella Featherstone-Dance

Runner up: Lily Dickman

The E.Mason & Son Cup
(10-11 years)

Winner: Ethan Harrison

Runner up: Shay O'Neil & Lewie Purcell

The John Tibbett Cup
(12-13 years)

Winner: Abbie Stocker

Runner up: Isabella Betts

The Burmah Castrol Cup
(12-13 years)

Winner: Ryan Moye

Runner up: Toby Richards

The Boyden Family Cup
(14-16 years)

(no entries)

The John Bays Cup
(14-16 years)

Winner: Adam Woolfall

Runner up: Elliot Groves

The Ace Communication Cup
(11 & under marathon)

Winner: Gabriella Betts

Runner up: Ellie Shepherd

The Karl Allen Memorial Shield
(11 & under marathon)

Winner: Charlie Eggleton

Runner up: Ethan Harrison

The Cambs Times Challenge Trophy
(12-16 years marathon)

Winner: Isabella Betts

Runner up: Abbie Stocker

The Kilby Family Shield
(12-16 years marathon)

Winner: George Paul

Runner up: Adam Woolfall

The Holland Family Shield
(Mums race)

Winner: Pheobe Beaney

Runner up: Nicola Stollery

The Moye Family Shield
(Dads race)

Winner: David Millwood

Runner up: Johnathon Betts

The Fiveash Family Achievement Shield

Winners: Billie Fiveash & Matilda Hornsby

The Curtis Family Shield

Winner: Charlie Mills

The Scarecrow Competition! Create your scarecrows and display them to win! Helping to raise money for the Doddington Village Sports & Carnival Committee.

...and the WINNERS ARE:

3rd Place

By Emily Shepherd

2nd Place

By Sue Laver

1st Place

By Stan Wild

A big cheer!

Well done to everyone that entered this year! The judges had a lot of excellent good entries to choose from, making the process a great deal harder to select the top 3.


2017 Diary Dates


    Your donations

    People have asked as to how our funds are spent, and we would like to make this as clear and open as possible.

    • 100% of the money raised by the Doddington Village Sports and Carnival Committee goes back into the next Carnival and Sports Day.

    • The committee members are all volunteers, and give up their own spare time to help make the next Carnival and Sports Day even more fantastic for the children.

    • We heavily scrutinise each and every expense, such that only what has to be bought by the Carnival, is paid for out of the funds. (In fact, committee members frequently buy lots of the items used in/with the carnival themselves.)

    We're proud of the Carnival and Sports Day, and want you to be sure that your donations are spent carefully.


    Our Facebook Page has lots of information in terms of events and other news items. 'Like' the page and get notified of new items.

    Find us online!


    Where it all began

    The Carnival is made up of numerous colourful floats from the groups and organisations and each year the procession is led each by a different band or group.

    But it hasn't always been like that.

    • 1922
    • Whist Club start Sports Day

      July 1922

      Lionel Sedley, the then headmaster of the Village School, joined the Doddington Whist Club. He suggested that the club organise a treat for the local school children in the form of a Sports Day.

    • Inaugural Sports Day

      5th August 1922

      The first ever Sports Day took place, with 35 Races and cash prizes for the winners (1s for first place).

      Races included all the normal running races and also such things as a Potato Race and, for the girls, a Needle Threading Race.

    • 1937
    • British Legion steps in

      July 1937

      In 1937, the Whist Club disbanded and gave their surplus funds to the British Legion on the condition that they continue to organise the Sports Day event.

    • 1966
    • Doddington United FC race on

      July 1966

      Doddington United FC took over the running of the Sports Day event.

    • 1973 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1974 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1980 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1981
    • A Dedicated committee


      A dedicated committee was created with the sole job of running the Sports Day event.

    • 1981 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1982 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1983 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1984 Doddington Children's Sports

      View the programme

    • 1986
    • The Carnival is born

      July 1986

      The first Carnival was started and sets an annual tradition in place.

    • 1986 Doddington Children's Sports and Carnival

      View the programme

    • 1995 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 1998 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 1999 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2000 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2001 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2002 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2003 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2004 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2005 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2006 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2007 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2008 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2009 Doddington Carnival and Sports Day

      View the programme

    • 2010 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 2011
    • Carnival's 25th Anniversary

    • 2011 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 2012
    • Sports Day's 90th Anniversary

    • 2012 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 2013 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 2014 Doddington Carnival and Sports

      View the programme

    • 2015
    • New Carnival Team


      The former committee passed the baton onto an entirely new and enthusiastic team of locals, for them to write the next chapter in the history of the Carnival.

    • 2015 Doddington Village Sports and Carnival

      View the programme

    • 2016
    • 2017


    Music Licence

    PRS for Music

    PRS for Music licences the use of copyright music across the UK, giving businesses and organisations the legal permission they need to play the music they want.

    These licences ensure that music publishers, songwriters and composers are fairly rewarded with royalties so they can keep making music - and mean that we’re able to support music at events like this.

    For more information about PRS for Music or music licensing, visit www.prsformusic.com or call 0800 068 4828


    Say hello!

    If you have photos or memories to share, please get in touch and let us know.