New To Doddington Carnival
New to Doddington Carnival?

What is Doddington Village Sports & Carnival?

Doddington Village Carnival is an celebration of our village, which is held every year on the morning of the first Saturday in July each year. The tradition has dated back over a hundred years, and we're keen to keep it going.

Do I need to buy a ticket to view the Carnival?

No - spectators are free, welcome and encouraged to come out and see the many floats in the Carnival parade. There is a £1 entry fee (for adults only) into the Children's Sports Afternoon, on Benwick Road.

Can I attend even if I don't live in the village?

Yes, of course! Please just remember that the Road Closures take effect from 9am to 12pm, blocking all but emergency access to/from the village.

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